Prior Authorization / Pre-Certification Management Services

Prime Care Health Solutions allows our clients to leave the time consuming, burdensome and frustrating process of prior-authorizations behind.

We understand that prior-authorizations can pose an expensive operational cost to many medical practices which can halt revenue streams and cripple turnaround time for treatment and prescription medications.

Our prior-authorization/pre-certification management services help clients stay focused on patients and patient care. Prime Care Health Solutions prior-authorization management services, facilitates prior authorization and pre–certification process between healthcare providers and their payers.

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Let us expedite your prior authorization process

The American Medical Association (AMA) reports that prior-authorization/pre-certifications consumes approximately 1 hour of physician time, 13.1 hours of nurse time, and 6.3 hours of clerical time per week. This translates to 853 hours per year of staff time, which is a cost of $82,975 in labor annually per full-time physician.

Let us expedite your prior authorization process.

Let us take those time-consuming tasks off your plate, and free you up for the work that matters most. Our service streamlines the processing time and simplifies the overall prior authorization workflow in order to get your patients the prescription medication and medical services they need as quickly as possible.


Prime Care Health Solutions secure, HIPAA-compliant Prior authorization and precertification management service simplifies the entire prior authorization (PA) pre-certification process, saving physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare providers’ valuable time, and ensuring patients receive their medication and equipment faster.

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